The first step in renting your property is determining what the market will support at the time it becomes available for rent.

A few things that will determine the market rent for your property are:

  • Local rental inventory and available properties for rent.


  • Seasonal patterns and the time of year your property becomes available. Fewer tenants move during November through January than in the spring and summer months.


  • The condition of the property has a big impact on rental rate and similar floor plans in a building or neighborhood may have rents vary by as much as a few hundred dollars based on the condition of the property, amenities, and upgrades.


  • In a hot market better views add value to the property and increase the amount of rent that can be charged. In  a slow market, good views do not always equate to higher rents but will help the property rent faster than a similar property without views at the same rate.

Learn more about our tenant requirements and approach to caring for your property here.

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