Accounting and Documentation

Accounting services

  • We do the bookkeeping. Our computer systems keep complete, accurate records of every income and expense that affects your property.
  • Convenient monthly statements simplify the job of tax preparation for you and your accountant.
  • We also provide an annual statement and all required tax forms to help you or your accountant in your tax return preparation.
  • Copies of all work orders and receipts are held in our files, if you request a copy of a specific work order or receipt we can send that to you.
  • We can deposit your check directly to your account or we can set up a direct deposit into an account that you choose.
  • You can view the status of your account at any time via our website and the owner portal.

Complete Documentation

  • Thorough and comprehensive documentation is a key ingredient to good property management. It prevents confusion and gives everyone involved a clear understanding of what is expected. Written documentation is used to screen and lease, inspect and maintain the condition of your property. Pertinent financial information is also mailed to you.
  • Our Property Management agreement with you contract defines our working relationship with property owners. It details the obligations and responsibilities of both parties.
  • As a basis for general screening and the checking of rental references, every prospective tenant is required to complete a detailed Rental Application. You will have actually select the tenant based on the information we receive
  • Properties are carefully inspected with tenants and management at the time of rental. The appearance and physical condition, etc., are well documented and a Property Condition report is filed. We take digital photos of the property prior to move in, this documentation is used to compare the condition of the property at move out.
  • In the event of non-payment or any other violation of our Lease Agreement, tenants are put on an official Notice to Vacate or asked to take immediate corrective action.
  • We will provide you a Statement of Account every month. This record summarizes accounting transactions and accompanies payment checks. You can also choose to receive your statement via e mail or access it on our secure owner portal.

Property Information

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