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Denver Destinations & Attractions

 Oh, how it has grown! A cow town once known as the “queen city of the plains” is now flourishing as a diverse, worldly and fantastic city to live and play! Life is too short, not to build roots in an exciting place, makes you smile, and you love to live! Let us begin with the beauty! The Mountains are nearby, and you can enjoy the sight of them from Denver. Even better, in just about a 45-minute drive, you can be in them!


If adventure is on your list, we have it for you! Denver is about an hour and a half from Vail, a beautiful town in any season of the year. During the summer there is a smorgasbord of activities to choose, including golf, hiking, and biking (ranging from casual to extreme). Vail also offers amazing concerts spanning the top forties to a symphony.  But there is an equally diverse range of activities in Winter as well! One can find anything from snowshoeing to shopping and everything in between! Snow lovers, put on your ski boots or snowshoes and get ready for an incredible adventure, with ski Apres to follow! 


Vail is only one of the incredible towns to visit in the mountains of Colorado. There are so many inviting places that are in driving distance from Denver. Estes Park is another town very high on the list to visit that offers multiple festivals, activities, and the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.


Central City is also a great little town that is near, for those who are interested in a bit of gambling with history and culture. This small local gambling town is home to a Renaissance architecturebuilding; the Central City Opera Housewhich was built in 1878. 


The cities surrounding Denver are also incredible to visit and offer a diverse range of activities, Ft CollinsColorado Springs, and Golden, to name a few.


Let us travel closer to home and see what we can find in our own back yard. If music is your thing, you are in the right city!  There are incredible venues here to hear whatever type of live music you like! A fantastic experience that is highly recommended is to listen to music surrounded by nature at Rockin Red Rocks. You can always experience the combination of music and Botanical Beauty at the gardens during the summer. For fantastic food and fun, the Coohills Beats on the Creek a unique summer event that is free and is host to many fun and eclectic bands. 


If you are more of the artsy visual type, the Denver Art Museum is an incredible architectural structure that hosts many exciting exhibits. Then for the more modern and edgy art connoisseur, there is the Museum of Contemporary Art, and they have the summer B-Side each year. The 2019 list has not been released as of yet, although rooftop music with mountain views and happy hour, life is good at the MCA. The Denver Performing Arts Complex aka “The Plex” is one of the largest performing arts centers in the United States spanning four blocks or twelve acres. It is the home of ten different performance spaces and hosts Broadway plays, the symphony, ballet, contemporary dance, and much more. 


Shoppers beware, there may be extreme mountain biking activities in Colorado, although there is also extreme shopping that can be a challenge. Located in the heart of Denver, The Cherry Creek Shopping Centeris enormous and has over 160 shops. One can even partake in incredible food and drinks while embarking on the shopping adventure at hand. Shhhh, I know this can be a distraction from the mission at hand, although variety is the spice of life!


Sports are in such high gear here in Denver where does one begin? It is definitely a Denver Broncos city! One can see a massive shift during the traffic since the majority of the city is focused and watching the game! We have a vast spectrum of teams, they are all fantastic, and there is something for everyone. Here is a few of them, although this does not exhaust the sports available to watch in Denver. They include, the Nuggets our NBA team, the Avalanche our hockey team, the Rockies our baseball team, Rapids our soccer team, Raptors the Rugby team and the Mammoth our lacrosse team, just to name a few.


This just an appetizer of the fantastic things that Denver and its surrounding areas have to offer. If you decide to plant your roots here in Denver, there are so many incredible adventures that can be easily found.

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Surviving the Summer in Colorado’s Dry Climate  


After just returning from a family reunion in Kansas, one thing I will not miss is the oppressive humidity. The sticky feeling every time you leave the house and swarms of insects makes you appreciate the joys of living in a dry climate like Denver. As the Denver Post proudly proclaims at the top of every front page, ‘Tis a privilege to live in Colorado.’ However, the dryness presents its own set of problems that have to be overcome. From dry skin to drier grass, the lack of humidity can affect your life in a wide variety of ways. Here’s are some tips to help prepare for the summer in Colorado’s unique environment.   


Lawn Care 


The primary goal for your lawn in Colorado is to have a deep root system. Surprisingly, one of the worst things that you can do for your lawn in dry air is to over water in the summer. Often, homeowners like to set their sprinklers on a timer and not worry about it. Unfortunately, this conditions the grass to expect the regular water and when the extremely dry and hot months of July and August roll around you can expect to see brown grass. This is caused by a shallow root system that develops and is very prevalent in dry, Western states. It’s better to water at longer intervals and try to water only when the grass appears that it needs it. This ‘water stress’ will produce an effect where the grass grows longer roots and will be able to withstand the dry months as well as have a better chance for survival during the winter. 


You should also only mow your lawn at a high setting. Some people even swear by only mowing in Colorado at the top height setting on the lawn mower. The higher length grass will be able to grow a deeper root system and stave off the effects of the dry weather. The taller grass also helps to maintain more moisture in the soil. In terms of fertilizer, it’s a good idea to make sure that your soil has plenty of nitrogen. A lack of nitrogen in the soil will result in a shallow root system. Once you’ve conditioned your grass, be prepared to up the amount of watering starting in July. Denver, unfortunately, has been receiving less and less rainfall during the summer months recently. Staying on top of keeping your lawn watered when it gets dry is imperative for later summer. 


If you decide that you’ve had enough of watering the lawn, you can also look into xeriscaping options including low-moisture ground cover. Just make sure that if you have an HOA that it adheres to the community rules. There are a variety of options on the market and some of them actually look amazing. Some of the most popular ground cover plants in Colorado include Blue Avena Grass, Wooly Veronica, and White Moss Thyme. 


House Maintenance 


Denver’s dry climate actually brought thousands of people here during the 1800s looking to recuperate from tuberculosis. Fortunately, modern medicine largely cured that disease. The downside for modern-day citizens of Colorado is that the dry air can wreak havoc on your skin, hair, and sinuses. The dry air will also suck moisture directly out of your house resulting in damage to furniture as well as hardwood floors. There are a few simple ways to help alleviate this. Your skin and house will thank you. 


One of the easiest ways is to buy a humidifier. These are relatively inexpensive and can really balance out the dryness. Just make sure to get one with a minimum of 10 gallons of water because the smaller units will be largely ineffective.  If you don’t feel like a humidifier, putting house plants in every room will greatly balance out the indoor relative humidity of your home. Along with the houseplants, having a water-fountain is a wonderful way to add some ambient noise to the home as well as combat the dry air. You can also try painting the interior and exterior walls lighter shades, which will reduce heat retention and ideally cause less moisture to be lost from the home.  


Remember the dry climate is part of life here and actually is really beautiful once you get used to it. So make sure to use plenty of lotion and sunscreen and be prepared for a tough allergy season. But once you’re outside at night grilling in a pristine 75-degree evening with no insects, you’ll be hard-pressed not to fall in love with the dry air.